Frequently Asked Questions

How will my customers book appointments?


You will get a personal web site with the name where "yourname" is the web handle that you had entered during signup. Your customers can book appointments from your website. You can put a link to your appointment website from other websites, social sites, your email signature, business cards, etc.


Will my clients have to call me to cancel or reschedule appointments?


No, your clients will not have to call you to manage their appointments. When an appointment is scheduled, your client gets an email confirming the appointment. In that email they get a link that they can click to reschedule or cancel the appointment.


How far out can clients book appointments with my business?


Clients are able to see your schedule for up to a year in advance. You can also limit it so that they see as few as 2 days in advance.


Can I create different security level for my employees?


Absolutely! You can create an account for all your employees and there are 4 levels of security for them:


Users: Most basic level where users can setup and view their own appointments only

Location Super Users: Users with this level of security can see anyones appointments from the locations they have working hours at.

Administrators: Users with this level of security can see anyones appointments and configure the application.

Account Owner: This is the level you get when you signup. These users have permission to do anything.


What features are not included with the Free Starter Plan that are available in the paid versions?


The free Starter Plan has the barebones essential features available for scheduling. You'll get a custom mini website with an embedded scheduler, email reminders & notifications to you and your clients, and unlimited 1-on-1 appointment booking.

There are a few features that are only available if you subscribe to one of the paid plans. These features include:


Multiple Staff or Locations: On the Professional and Business versions of checkAppointments online scheduling software, you can have up to 5 staff and locations for your clients to schedule with (and can purchase additional licenses for an extra monthly fee). On the free Starter Plan, you can only have 1 staff person and 1 location available for scheduling with.

Class or Group Scheduling: All of the paid versions of checkAppointments allow users to setup class schedules where multiple clients can meet with them at 1 time period. Whether it is a group meeting with a capacity for 10 clients or if it is a class session that meets on a recurring basis with a max enrollment of 5 students, class scheduling is a definite benefit for businesses who can see more than 1 client at a time.

Payments: Letting clients pay at the time of booking can reduce no shows by up to 99%. With any of the paid versions of the online appointment scheduling software, you can allow clients to pay by credit card or with their PayPal accounts when scheduling appointments. No payments can be accepted or managed in the free Starter Plan.

Text Messaging: By subscribing to a paid account, clients may request to receive a text message reminder a few hours ahead of their scheduled appointments. This helps to reduce no shows and can be used to send important information that clients should have on hand before heading into the appointment. Staff members may also request to receive text message notifications when an appointment is booked with them or when an appointment is cancelled.

Google Calendar Sync: For paying checkAppointments' subscribers who have a Google Account, you can easily sync the two so that appointments and times where you're "busy" are communicated effortlessly back and forth. By quickly blocking out a time as unavailable in Google Calendar, you'll block yourself from being available for appointments on your checkAppointments' scheduler.


Is my data secure?


We take security very seriously. We follow all processes to comply with HIPAA and PCI standards. We store our servers and data at Amazon and our data is backed up daily. You can read about Amazon's security standards and protocols here and here. We get our servers scanned regularly for vulnerability, take full hourly backups, and store them at a remote location.


I have signed up for the 30 day trial. Will I get proper support during my free trial?


We take a lot of pride in our software and our support. We generally respond to emails within a couple of hours during business hours. i.e. 9:00AM to 7:00PM EST, Monday through Friday.


I need help to setup my account. Where do I go for help ?


You can book an appointment to talk to one of our support specialists during an onboarding call. We will work with you to make sure your account is customized exactly as you imagine.