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To better serve our clients and their diverse geographical locations, we are a "virtual office".  We utilize video conferencing and telephone to provide flexible access to high-quality, individualized care.

For video appointments we use Skype. It is a free and easy to use platform.  If you have a web camera and high-speed internet, its that easy.  Established clients may choose Skype or telephone for appointments.  Visit our website for more information on Video set-up requirements. 


After you have scheduled your Initial Consultation, you will receive an email confirmation which contains a link to download the Initial Consultation Intake Forms.  It is critical that they be completed, signed and emailed or faxed back 24 hours prior to your appointment.  Video is required only for the Initial Consultations.  If you are scheduling an appointment for a child, please enter their name.

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Policies & Procedures

Established Clients - with Dr Jeff who have multiple lab tests to review, new or changing symptoms or have complex case histories, should select the Comprehensive Appointment for the time alotted. 

Lab Tests:  Please send your lab tests by either fax (603-546-7211) or as a PDF attachement to your email.  Do NOT send a link to your online medical portal or copied test data without the laboratory reference ranges.

Email:  If you have simple questions, such as "do I take my magnesium with or without food?" please contact us by email.  If you are seeking recommendations based on new or changing symptoms, new lab test results, or changes in your progress, an appointment is required.  Consultations are NOT conducted via email.

Acute Care Appointments are usually available with Dr. Jeff on short notice. To request an Acute Care Appointment, please send an email with URGENT CARE REQUEST in the subject line with a brief explanation of what the issue is, your primary symptoms, and the best phone number to reach you. This appointment is appropriate for help with colds, flu, injury, sore throats, and other self-limiting conditions.  This is NOT an email consultation.  If you have an EMERGENCY, please call your primary care provider or 911.

Apointment Times and Fees:  Appointments are designed to meet the "typical" consultation requirements and time allotments for appointments are set-up on an "up to" basis.  However, if you schedule a "Follow-up-Basic" appointment (up to 40 minutes) but have a lot of questions or the review your test results requires additional discussion, additional time will be needed.  It is our default policy to continue on with your appointment (if the schedule permits) and adjust the fee accordingly rather than created another appointment. If this policy is NOT acceptable to you please let me know at the start of that appointment.  Do note, however, that in this case, your appointment will conclude at the time you have requested whether or not you have any advice, direction or recommendations.

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